"What everybody sees in a movie is such a private emotion. I mean in the cinema I think that when you go to see a movie we all enter into a kind of a special light. There is this amniotic darkness, and we are going all together to dream the same dream. And this is the great thing of cinema; it is something that happens in a community, we are all together. We start dreaming the same dream because there is… It let’s us think that the movie is projected not only by the projector, which is behind everybody, but is also projected by our own eyes. So we participate in our own personal, private way to this kind of ballet of ghosts that we have on the screen."

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Peter Roche, Saddleblaze, 2011, LED neon. Installation at The Farm, Kaukapakapa. Photo: Stuart Page Brilliant Films

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Thomas Wesley Mclean

Pausing for a Rest, Algonquin Park, n.d.

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the sky turned tie-dye in sheffield at 16:09 today

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Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet

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Lithuania, Vilnius, 2004 from Stigma by Antoine d’Agata

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i can’t hang out tomorrow i’m too busy doing nothing alone sorry

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Les Beehive - Elle Fanning for ASOS Magazine

"Her style icons tend to be strangers [new pal Alexa Chung aside], people she finds from hours spent on Tumblr. ‘It’s mostly random street style from girls I don’t even know,’ she says. ‘I get more inspiration from that than from one specific person. When you’re in that Tumblr zone, something leads to the next thing and suddenly you look up and it’s dark outside!’"

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