Guardians of the Galaxy is breaking box office records this weekend, but more importantly it’s breaking barriers in Hollywood by being the first Marvel script credited to a woman.

Guardians of the Galaxy is receiving remarkable reviews by critics and fans alike and is expected to take in over $90 million during its explosive opening weekend.

What’s more interesting is that Guardians of the Galaxy is the first Marvel film to have been written by a woman that’s actually received credit for their work.

Screenwriter Nicole Perlman has been on the rise for quite some time. She’s been included in up and coming screenwriter lists for years now and even did some work on Thor’s script, but she’s finally been given credit for being the screenwriter of Marvel’s latest film, which is being touted for its unique storyline.

In a recent interview with TIME magazine, Perlman explained her attempts to persuade studios to put their trust in a woman’s hands to write sci-fi, saying, “I was noticing that I was having trouble convincing people, when I was pitching on projects, that I would be capable of doing this. There was a little bit of an attitude of, ‘Well, you’re a woman, you’re not writing romantic comedies, we’ll give you the Marie Curie biopic.’”

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Rose McGowan photographed by Michael Stipe for Detour Magazine, 1997

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Metropolis (1927)

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The highest knowledge is to acknowledge

that we know nothing.

This not-knowing makes us tranquil and devout.

In letters we may know more than illiterates,

But as to the profound mystery of life and death,

we know not one jot more.


I am he who was the green and golden lion without cares, within me lie all the mysteries of the philosophers.

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